Landscape Design

Beautiful landscaping can be as simple as a colorful four season planting for curb appeal.

A bird & butterfly garden for your children to enjoy.

A small water feature to bring your garden space to life or landscape lighting to extend your enjoyment of your landscape into the evening hours.

Landscape Architecture is an artistic expression of a clients taste, style and culture.

Exceptional landscape design may include custom carpentry and woodwork, stone work, sculpture and artwork as well as water features such as pools, ponds & water features.

Theme gardens and exotic specimen planting can make your landscape sing.
Examining existing structural conditions as well as drainage flow path etc, may be critical to successfull landscape projects - see design.

Check your furnace and chinmey for airflowand circulation patterns around the house for health concerns.

The methods and practices for construction involve good planning, phasing & staging as well as artistic craftsmanship and the use of premium quality materials.Landscape Design is the practice of producing and creating a conceptual design plan. The plan consists of:

1. A written concept - articulated to describe the desire and intent of the client   to improve a space with the assistance of the Design Team.

2. Drawing, sketches or graphics - the written concept is accompanied by a drawing, sketches and/or graphics (photos, images, etc.) to convey the particular features and dimensions proposed describing a plan that represents the shared vision of a client and our experienced designer(s).