Our Team

Our team at John Jay Landscape Development and our network of Associated Professionals includes Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Engineers, Wetland Scientists, and material research and development people dedicated to improving our world, lives and landscapes. As a landscaping contractor we are proud to bring our professional landscaping services the Hudson Valley, Duchess, Putnam and Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas.

Bill Meyer - Head of Landscape Design

Bill earned a certificate of Landscape Design from the New York Botanical Garden in 2002 and has been a practicing landscape designer since the year 2000. He is a Certified Green Roof Professional and holds a BA in Fine Art from Arizona State University with studies in Architecture and Engineering.

Born and raised in Westchester County Bill spent his boyhood sailing and fishing along the Long Island Sound Shore and hiking the counties deep woodlands. Bill’s designs reflect this experience as he incorporates the beauty and grace of local native landscapes into the suburban community. At John Jay he has guided dozens of ecological restoration projects, including over 10 rain gardens, through design, permitting, and construction. He is focused on ecological restoration but also counts among his influences a dozen years of connoisseurship of western and non-western culture gained while working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Christies Auction House. Bill is adept at incorporating our worlds far ranging cultural interpretations of landscape into Hudson Valley environs

Bill is also an exhibiting ecological artist and co-founder of two environmental organizations, the Amaknka’a Amazon Network, and World View. Bill considers his practice of landscape design to be the perfect melding of pursuits in art and ecology. His art work has been shown recently at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Manhattanville College Fine Art Gallery, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Bill also speaks and presents portfolios of ecological restoration in and around the region.